Mission statement

Magyar nyelvű cikk megtekintése

We hold that the common goal of citizens and the State
is to achieve the highest possible measure
of well-being, safety order, justice and liberty.”

(Constitution of Hungary, 25 April 2011)

The Directorate for Social Affairs and Child Protection and its regional agencies maintain and perform themethodological guidanceof the national and municipal social and child care institutions.

We pursue our activities following the best universal and national traditions of social and child protection and using methods based on new research findings.

We intend to promote solutions for problems encountered in the functioning and network system of individuals, groups and communities, useful also for the society as a whole; and to promote their restoration or reparation, if necessary.

Based on the basic principles of human rights, social justice and equal opportunities, at all times in compliance with the current legislation, we strive to create more favourable natural and social life conditions for our beneficiaries.

In our work we cooperate with all the municipalities, religious institutions, foundations and non-governmental initiatives active in the field of social and child welfare and child protection.

Our goal is to help those who want to contribute as foster parents or volunteers to help the beneficiaries of the Directorate-General and its institutions to reach their full potential and to improve their quality of life.

We strive by all our means to enhance the attractiveness and acceptance of fostering and voluntary social work.

We try to eliminate the causes of deviant behaviour, but if necessary, we offer in our institutions therapeutic treatment to those who need it. The main objective of our work in the field of child protection is to help children and young adults with their reintegration into their families and society.

The committed and empathetic approach of our staff ensures that people living in our institutions can maintain their personal autonomy and human dignity in all circumstances.