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The staff of the Department of Social Relations is committed to organize for users of our services more and more possibilities to develop their capacities, to learn more about the world and each other, to reach their goals. At an international level we would like to make possible for them and for their professional care providers to see other cultures, learn people from other countries in similar situations and also to exchange knowledge and experiences.

Our international cooperation in the last year were focusing more to neighbor countries, in order to strengthen partnership with social organizations and institutions as well as organizing exchange programs for children, care users and professional workers. These programs took place in Serbia, Romania, Germany and Switzerland. According to our international plan of 2017 the Directorate-General is open to build new relations in different countries to develop our care system through international learning, good practices and bring more opportunities to our children, care users and professionals for exchange programs.

For more information, contact our international coordinator:

Zsófia Szőnyi: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.