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Competences of Integrity Advisor

Contact Integrity Advisor

Name: Dr. Varga Hajnalka, integrity manager
Office: 2. floor 234. room

Responsibilities and Competences of Integrity Advisor

According to the decree No 50/2013 on integrity management systems of the state administration bodies the responsibilities of the integrity advisor are as follows:

a.) The integrity advisor participates in the preparation of the risk assessment action plan revealing integrity and corruption related risks associated with the operation of the administrative body.  The annual integrity report is also prepared by the integrity advisor.

b.) Based on the corruption prevention action plan the integrity advisor proposes
anti-corruption themed trainings, and helps assisting their implementation.

c.) Under the current law the integrity advisor supplies information to the management and staff on professional ethics issues.

d.) With authorisation and on behalf of the head of the administrative body the integrity advisor may receive and investigate notifications related to the operation of the organization like evasion or abuses, irregularities, as well as notifications on integrity and corruption risks.

e.) The integrity advisor may also act as data protection supervisor, equality manager and disciplinary commissioner. The integrity advisor on the other hand cannot carry out internal auditing functions.