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According to the 316/2012. (13. XI.) Government Ordinance of the Government about the Directorate-General for Social Affairs and Child Protection assigns for the central body of the Directorate-General the task of maintaining the social and child protection institutions which belonged to county municipalities since 1st January 2012. Since 1st January 2013 the management tasks of temporary and permanent residential care and the maintenance of institutions became governmental obligation. The management tasks of maintainers, supporters and methodological maintainers of the taken over institutions are provided by the Directorate-General for Social Affairs and Child Protection since 1st of January 2012 which was established in the 10th of December 2012. 

Given the fact that it is a young governmental organization, our primary goal at the Directorate-General is the development of “best practice”, which can be an operating mode, a model, which is cognizable, learnable and applicable. The “best practice” for the organization can allow maximal efficiency to adopt already operating practices, exemplary solutions and procedures of successfully operating organizations. Our goal is to seek these “best practices”, analyse and implement them in our organizational environment.

This Thematic Strategy supports the continuous building and development. Our aim is to shape the Directorate-General into an organization, which can meet the challenges of the age, can adopt the changes and it truly can benefit for the society. It is essential requirement for the organization being able to renew and to relay on quality commitment.

Our mission is to help the governance by solid professional based and value-creating function. For our work’s utilization it is important for our Directorate-General to become a worthy organization. In this case it is necessary to clarify that the Directorate-General is the organization of professional stability, transparency and integrity.