Basic activities, tasks and competence

The basic activities, tasks and competence of the Directorate-General for Social Affairs and Child Protection

Fulfils the maintainer’s tasks according to the laws of Act III of 1993 on Social Administration and Social Benefits and the Act XXXI of 1997 on the Protection of Children and the Administration of Guardianship.

According the same ordinance the departmental agencies of the Directorate-General for Social Affairs and Child Protection fulfils the management tasks in the institutions taken over in January 2013.

Owner’s roles and responsibilities:

  • Submits the documents under § 91. (3)-(4) of the Act III of 1993 on Social Administration and Social Benefits (hereinafter Social Act/SA) and § 122 (2) of the Act XXXI of 1997 on Child Protection (hereinafter Child Protection Act/CPA) for ministerial decision.
  • Determines uniformly and publishes on its Website information under § 92/B. (1)-(3) concerning the social care institutes.
  • Proposes the yearly budget of its budgetary authorities; defines the detailed procedures of their management.
  • In the cases mentioned in § 90/A., 92/B. (3) and 92/L. of the Social Act/SA and in § 100/A-100/B. of the CPA –based on a proposal of the agencies – takes action to terminate the infringement of the law.
  • Performs – based on a proposal of the agencies – the maintainer tasks according to § 122/A-122/C. of the SA.
  • The regional agency of the Directorate-General performs the maintainer tasks specified in § 92/B. (1) and § 104. (1) c) - l).
  • Establishes the institutional service fee.
  • Acts on matters relating to operational authorisation.
  • Proposes the annual budget of the maintained institutions; lays down the detailed rules of their management.
  • Organizes, regulates and controls the financial conditions needed for the implementation of the technical tasks of the maintained institutions.
  • Collects and verifies the mandatory, systematic and ad hoc data services related to the management of the maintained institutions; as appropriate, transmits them cumulatively to the central body of the Directorate-General and to the Ministry led by the Minister.
  • In carrying out the tasks of the agencies the consent of the Director-General about determining the amount of the institutional fee is necessary.
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